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We are able to secure protection for intellectual property rights on a global basis.

David G. Posz is the founder and managing partner of Posz Law Group, PLC. Prior to founding the firm in January 2000, Mr. Posz worked in private practice as a patent attorney for five years. He then spent two years in Japan as in-house U.S. patent counsel for a subsidiary of a global supplier of automotive technology, systems and components.

While in Japan, Mr. Posz maintained and prosecuted patent applications on a global basis, and worked with Japanese patent engineers to improve their skills in preparing and prosecuting U.S. patent applications. Once he returned to the U.S., Mr. Posz opened the firm based largely on the relationships that he had forged during his time in Japan.

As the firm has grown, Mr. Posz has been fortunate enough to be joined in practice by a talented group of attorneys who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective areas of practice. They acquired their knowledge and experience while working at well-known law firms, at corporations as in-house patent counsel and/or at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as patent examiners.

We regularly visit our foreign clients.

During our visits, we provide presentations on topics of interest and on recent changes in U.S. patent prosecution practice.

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